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Humidity sensor


Humidity sensor

The measurement of leaf wetness is crucial in agronomic monitoring. Indeed, the presence of water on the surface of the leaves for a certain period of time is often synonymous with a future outbreak of fungal disease. Thus, knowledge of this wetting could make it possible to reduce the use of fungicides by applying them only to places where diseases are likely to develop. In the longer term, it could contribute to a "zero fungicide" strategy.

Greenshield, in partnership with the Institute of Nanotechnology in Lyon, has developed a new sensor to measure leaf wetting with high precision. In practice, this measurement is carried out using a laser source, much less intense than that used by Rayser, associated with a camera. The analysis of the signal reflected by the leaves makes it possible to determine the presence of water as well as the duration of wetting. The specificity of our laser technology makes it possible to monitor an area around the sensor rather than a single fixed point as is currently the norm with resistive sensors.

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