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This application for tablets and smartphones is designed to save you time in agronomic surveys while guaranteeing the quality of the data collected. Quickly make agronomic observations that are as accurate as you want them to be, then find them in real time on the VineCore web platform.


Offline mode

Your data will be automatically transmitted to the platform as soon as the connection is restored


Sharing observations

Share your photos in one click,
comments and observations with
other users


Sharing and historizing

The data are historically recorded at the
the scale of the feet and plots to visualize
visualize their evolution


Express mode

Perform a geolocalized
of an anomaly in one click


Assisted counting

Benefit from an assisted counting interface by leaf or by cluster for follow-ups requiring a maximum of rigor

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Pre-selected variables allow for customization of input while facilitating comparison of results

An agronomic survey application

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