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​Mastering sustainable
bio-aggressors management strategies

Evolve with serenity in an uncertain environment

We are all aware of the need to move towards more sustainable practices. However, faced with the imperatives of yield, the difficulty of adopting alternative practices, or the uncertainty brought by climate change, it can be difficult to take the plunge. How can practices change when there are so many risks involved ?

That's why we've brought together a team of experts in agronomy, mathematics and artificial intelligence with one objective in mind: enable the adoption of more sustainable practices while controlling health risks.


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The Agronomy Monitoring is an ecosystem of interconnected solutions designed to aggregate and add value to agronomic data of vineyards, to enable better management of health risks and facilitate sustainable bio-aggressors management strategies.

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R & D tailor-made based on agronomic monitoring. Find out how to best harness the power of data to optimize processing.

We are developing a precision laser weed control technology, capable of recognizing and targeting weeds using artificial intelligence algorithms, and destroying them with a high-powered laser. This can totally replace chemical herbicides. The solution is currently being tested in market gardening.

Our agronomy monitoring solutions for viticulture are deployed in:







We are proud to be October 2022's laureates of the BPI's call for projects labeled France 2030: "Innovating for a successful agroecological transition"


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