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Solutions to collect and harness the power of your sanitary and agroclimatic data, with the objective of a controlled agroecological transition.

The Agronomy Monitoring is an ecosystem of interconnected solutions designed to aggregate and add value to agronomic data of vineyards, to enable better management of health risks and facilitate sustainable bio-aggressors management strategies.

Greenshield Application Suite

900 € per year

This Agronomy Monitoring subscription includes access to all VineCore and VineSpot features for one person, 5 monitored plots and a second VineSpot account free of charge.

Enrich agronomic monitoring with our

technological components.

Our first partners

We are integrating our first partners' solutions on VineCore, so that you can benefit from all key vineyard data in one place. If you have a solution that we could integrate into VineCore, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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  • Disease risk forecast

  • Vine protection indicators

  • Weather predictions

  • Weather history

  • Irrigation needs

  • Ripeness estimation


We offer a range of options to adjust the Agronomy Monitoring to your needs:

10 additional monitored plots : 50 € per year

Monitored plots are those on which you have collected data using VineSpot or VineMapper. Therefore, you can include all your plots, but only pay for those that are actively monitored. 

Up to 5 VineCore Essential accounts : 300 € per user per year

Subscribing to Agronomy Monitoring allows you to acquire up to 5 VineCore Essential accounts, giving another user access to VineCore's main features. Useful for sharing your vineyard data with a third party. 

Additional VineSpot accounts : 300 € per user per year

Subscribing to the Agronomy Monitoring allows you to acquire as many VineSpot accounts as you wish (in addition to the free account you get when subscribing). Useful for allowing third parties to collect data on your vineyards. 

Your logo on Greenshield reports: 300 € per year

Apply your corporate colors and logo to the PDF reports generated by VineCore. Useful for promoting your brand to your customers, partners and colleagues.

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