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About us

Faced with increasing societal and environmental pressures, the need to adopt more sustainable practices has become urgent. However, there are many obstacles to the transition: lack of means, lack of time, complexity and risks inherent to the change, etc...

Faced with this, we have gathered a team of experts in agronomy, mathematics and artificial intelligence around several missions that are important to us:

  • Deliver alternative crop protection strategies so that the agriculture world can use less crop protection products, and eventually replace them completely with more sustainable solutions. 

  • To secure and optimize the deployment of natural pest control solutions, such as biosolutions and agroecology.

  • Provide digital and technological solutions to enable farmers to regain control of the agronomic dimension of their plots.

We can achieve these ambitions thanks to our multidisciplinary team and the fact that we are constantly experimenting with the actors of the agricultural sector (farmers, advisors, institutions, cooperatives).

Our history


François Feugier and Jean-Pierre Plonquet met and decided to set up Greenshield together, initially around laser weeding. This new project enabled the company to win the GreenTech Verte (now GreenTech Innovation) competition and to be rewarded by the Agrinove technology cluster.

We are proud to be October 2022's winners of the BPI's call for projects labeled France 2030: "Innovate for a successful agroecological transition"

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