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Mobile agronomic data collection app

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VineSpot is a mobile app for agronomic data collection. VineSpot enables users to collect data from their plots faster and more accurately, while simplifying their work thanks to an intuitive interface.

For example, users can pre-select one of the 37 anomalies that VineSpot offers (a list that includes diseases, pests, deficiencies, climatic hazards, etc.) and then, with a single click, report the presence and the precise location of this anomaly on the plot. It allows, for example, to quickly identify the presence of primary mildew contamination or plants contaminated by “flavescence dorée”.

For users wishing to make more detailed observations, the application also offers assisted counting modes. An intuitive interface enables users to count the number of leaves and grapes affected by a given anomaly and, for those who wish it, to enter the intensity of each of these leaves and grapes. The application then automatically calculates the frequency and intensity of the disease on the vine. It is then possible to supplement the observation by adding more information, such as phenological data (phenological stage, number of bunches, shoot length, etc.), a photo, a commentary, etc...

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Observations can then be repeated on the same vine to build up a history of data at the vine level. They can also be associated with an experiment, to benefit from VineCore's advanced graphs for comparing experimental groups.

Finally, the data collected on VineSpot can be shared with other users, enabling a colleague to continue the data collection begun by the user, or an expert to come and carry out an observation where another user has taken a photo of symptoms during their inspection of their plots. 

The app is available for Android and iOS to all of the Agronomy Monitoring subscribers.

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